Thank you for participating to visit our website. I hope
sincerely that you will find the answers for many questions
you have in your mind about our company and the products.

First of all I would like to extend my respect and gratitude to
our customers who have always shown great loyalty and
interest in Atamora Products.

Atamora has succeeded in establishing itself as a true, topclass
leader with favorable reviews from major Oil & Gas
Company and others industries. This was made possible
by PT Atamora Tehnik Makmur exceptional passion for excellence
and the spirit of challenge,steering the company to seize crises
and turn them into opportunities. The result: asteady increase in
national market share, qualities, and
consumer awareness.

In 2011, Atamora will continue in its endeavor to become a
leading national company through increased all national
industries sales. To do so, we will accelerate our competitive
edge in product quality —what has always been our
strongest asset —and investment for further in
development of innovative systems, appealing to the evergrowing
emerging markets, as well as the rapid changing
national market. Moreover, we will carry out programs that
contribute to society, as part of our national corporate
responsibility, as well as to secure leadership for the future
growth through social management.

Since its establishment, Atamora has placed customer
satisfaction as its highest priority —achieved only through
meeting challenges headā€on with our undying passion. Now,
PT Atamora Tehnik Makmur will raise its future competitive
edge through innovative ideas. We promise to continue
providing the highest standards in customer services and


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